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An ACS investigation in New York City begins with the disclosure of a child to an adult or by an adult having information that a child is being abuse in any way. If the abuse is sexual, the child is brought to one of the five locations that the NYPD has to do child interviews. These interviews are videotaped to preserve for future evidence. If the abuse is not sexual the ACS worker will interview the child outside the paents presence and try to ascertain the facts.


It has been our experience that the workes from ACS don not investigate anything. They will simply come into a household, accuse the parents of doing something wrong and then demand that they enter into programs. ACS as an agency is severly overwhelmed and the leadership has absolutely failed to bring any real reform to the agency. Thus it is much easier for ACS workers to demand that parents enter programs than it is for them to do a real investigation into what may be happening in the home. ACS will also ignore any of the good things they may observe and only report on anything negative that they perceive. The ACS workers are usually rude, inexperienced, untrained, and lazy. They treat most families with complete disdain and are extremely arrogant to anyone who challenges their authority.


If an ACS workes is seeking to speak to you about your family, do not speal to them. Contact The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC and let us speak for you.