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Being charged with Sexual Child Abuse charges is, next to murder, the worst possible charges one can be charged with in our criminal justice system. The reason for this is the fact that as a society we hold a special place for children and anyone accused of abusing them has to prove himself innocent. This is a courtroom reality. The judge or jury in the child abuse case is very open to arguments that a child was abused and someone should be punished. Even the most liberal juries routinely convict those accused of child sex charges.


Once your are convicted the impact on your life is tremendous. To begin with, you must register as a sex offender under SORA. This will limit where you can work, live, and travel. You face constant monitoring by the probation department and other agencies. This is in addition to any jail time that you will have to face and programs that you will have to complete. There is also the issue of civil confinement after you have been released from jail that can keep you in jail indefinetly.


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