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As a parent, the ultimate nightmare is being accused of not properly caring for your children. Each year in New York City, thousands of parents are put through this ordeal because of false charges by someone in the child's life. Once a charge has been made, ACS will assume that it is true and will demand that the parents enter into a program or they threaten to remove the kids from the home. This is the standard procedure in an investigation of this type.


Even after a visit to the home, where ACS can see that a family is well cared for they simply will not file a report that says anything other than negative comments about the home. ACS does not record these interviews in any way and this allows them to routinely lie in court about what statements the parents said and what the children told them. The most important thing to an ACS worker is the protection of their job and they will do and say anything to protect that.


If ACS has charged you with neglect, contact The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC and let us deal with ACS.