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ACS investigates any allegation of child abuse or neglect in New York City. If they find cause to believe that a child is not being properly cared for they have several options. The first one is they can ask a judge to remove the children from the home. This is a very drastic step and isusually not done first. The next thing they can do is monitor the family though home visits and programs. ACS places families in different sorts of programs if they feel the family needs this type of support. This is mostly done by ACS workes to give the apperance that they are working on behalf of the family and trying to help them. In truth all these programs do is give ACS political cover if anything goes wrong.


The entire ACS experience can be very traumatic for families. As we have stated, in our experience ACS workers are very poorly trained and are not very professiona. They wll bully families into programs and force parents to attend parenting classes just to satisfy their supervisors. They have also been known to lie about the statements made by parents and accuse parents of thinsg they could never prove in court. That is why, if you are contacted by an ACS worked, DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM, contact us at 917-519-8417 and let us protect your family from unfair charges.