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The Administration for Children's Services (ACS), is a New York City agency whos mandate and mission is to protect the city's children from abuse and neglect. It was founded in 1996 as a way for New York City to manage the increasing caseload of abused children. ACS is divided into different regions for different parts of the city. The commissioner of ACS is appointed by the Mayor of the City of New York. The agency has vast powers when it comes to children.


One of the most important powers that they have is the ability to remove children from the home if they feel that the child is not being cared for properly. At the street level, ACS workes investigate these cases. From our epxerience, these workers are overburdened, underpaid, untrained and not very professional. In most cases they will refer the family to a program of one kind or another. The most important thing to know about ACS workers is NOT TO TALK TO THEM. If you are contacted by an ACS worker regarding your shild, contact us as soon as possible at 917-519-8417. We will contact them and make sure they treat you failrly.