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The NYPD and District Attorney's offices have a joint operation where they will interview a child together at one times so the child is not put through multiple interviews for the same event. These interviews are lead by a detective from the Special Victims Unit and an ADA from the Child Abuse Unit.


It is our experience that these interviews can be highly suggestive to a child and a child can actually be "coached" into making certain statements. Additionally, the detectives are there to prove that something occured not disprove it. Therefore, they look through a prism of trying to find evidence that will support their theory instead of asing simply what happened.

Once a child has made an accuation against someone, the case goes forward to court and nothing more is done. As long as the detective can have the child make a statement on tape that is all the investigation that is done. This is even after medical evidence proves that the child has not been abused.


These investigations are quickly done with no real work done by the detecives. They often produce wrongful convictions and force people into accepting pleas to lesser charges in order to avoid jail time. If you receive a call from a detective regarding a child abuse case contact us and let us protect your rights.