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Each year, thousands of people in New York City are falsely accused of some form of child abuse or neglect. In our experience, these false charges comes from various sources. The first place they may come from is from the child himself. Chidlren are extremely succeptible to adult influence and the influence of their peers. Children may want attention from a parent, or to cover up some wrong they have done. Children will also make these false allegations to "get back" at someone they do not like or feel they have treated the unfairly.


Another place that is common to produce false child abuse charges is during a divorce or custody battle. One parent may entice the child to make false charges agains the other so as to help them in a custody battle. This is an extremely complex situation that requires a deep investigation into the family dynamics. Often the abuse is reported only months or years after it allegedly occured or when one party thinks it's about time to gain an advantage.


The police and ACS are often guilty of propping up false charges against a parent in order to please their bosses or try to avoid negative press. Recently ACS has admitted that they fell alseep on the job when a child died under their supervision. As we discussed, ACS workes are not very well trained and most of their work involves palcing families in programs so they give themselves political cover and make it look like they are actually doing something.


False charges may be filed for numerous reasons. It is important in these types of cases to have an attorney that will fight these charges at every step and fully investigate the case. If you have been falsely accused of Child Abuse by ACS or the NYPD, contact The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC and let us fight for you.